A week after the Youtube channel was invaded by a cryptomime scam, gamer managed to recover content.

Brazilian gamer and youtuber channel ‚Angry‘, invaded by cryptomaniac fraud, is recoveredNOTÍCIAS

A week after having his channel on Youtube invaded by hackers, the Brazilian gamer Thiago Silva, known as „Angry“, managed to recover the videos and control of the channel, according to The Hack publication.

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This Tuesday night, youtuber celebrated the recovery of the channel on its Twitter account:

The catalogue of the old videos is still restricted to the content posted until two years ago, but the agency that represents the gamer, FD Communication, says that all the videos should return „soon“. The channel is now listed only as „Zangad“.

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The channel has 4.2 million subscribers and, according to Thiago Silva, the videos had only been hidden and not deleted. According to Canal Tech, he also thanked Google, owner of Youtube, for the support during the invasion:

„I would like to thank all of you who sent messages through my social networks, those who posted tweets asking the Google team for help, those who used their contacts to try to help and especially my fans, who as always were sensational supporting me in this moment that was the most difficult of my 11 years on YouTube“.

The Angry Gamer channel was hacked on December 1, one day after Crypto Comeback Pro turning 11 on air, by hackers who took down the published content and began broadcasting lives of investor Cathie Wood, about Bitcoin and the Ethereum Foundation.

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Hackers generally use famous figures in the investment market and the best known cryptomorphs to command fraud, promising „double“ cashback of cryptomorphs and indicating a wallet to attract victims.

In Brazil, at the beginning of the pandemic, a series of fake lives of singers and bands in Brazil called for „donations“ in Bitcoin on Youtube, but they were nothing more than scams.